The Home Inspection – Friend or Foe?

By Brad Litz
Real Estate Broker, Appraiser & Investor
Meridian-Kessler Resident

A home inspection can make or break a deal and has the propensity to be the most unnerving step in any real estate transaction. Even if you are an attentive homeowner and maintain it well, there are still items that you don’t see on the surface that could negatively impact the sale of your home. On the flip side, as a buyer, a house can have all the trappings of a beautiful abode, but the infrastructure of the house is just as important for longevity. Many of us in this area tend to live in our homes for a very long time and plenty of items can creep up during those years, so an occasional second pair of trained eyes can insure we are maintaining our homes properly.

As a seller, the prudent step to take would be to have an inspection done prior to putting your home on the market. This will inform you of what needs to be done to put the home in marketable condition and allow you to fully and honestly disclose the condition of the home. Providing the report to a potential buyer can make them feel much more comfortable when negotiating the sale of your home and can lead to a quicker, less confrontational negotiation.

There are plenty of trusted home inspectors in the area and the easiest way to find one would be to simply ask your realtor for 3 suggestions and research each or ask a few neighbors who they have used in the past and whether or not they thought the inspector was accurate. There are also the third party websites that contain reviews for local vendors and contractors that can be helpful.

Overall, the inspection is definitely your friend. There should be no reason to fear it as long as you know and understand the contents of the report. As well, it can help you sell your house faster and with more confidence. Likewise, if you are buying, it will give you the confidence that the home you chose is right for you.