The Holiday Season Slow Down

By Brad Litz
Real Estate Broker, Appraiser & Investor
Meridian-Kessler Resident

It has long been known in the real estate industry that the holiday season is associated with a slow down in the market. I have to agree with the notion, but I have a couple of points that I want to touch on in relation to this topic.

First, don’t take a slow down to mean a complete halt. Yes, homes typically take longer to sell during this time of the year, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t sell at all. There are always circumstances that put people into the mode of buying a home and reasons that I am currently hearing are family expansion and relocation for their job. So, at a time when inventory is low, that means you may have less competition in the market and will find the right buyer.

Second, if you are ready to sell your house, take this time to work on preparing your home for sale. There are sales everywhere, and that means at home improvement stores as well. Take advantage of those sales and make the little changes to your house that will set it apart from the competition once the spring market starts to heat up.

If you are a buyer, there is a good chance that the home for you might not be on the market right now, but take this time to target your specific areas. Homes in this area sell fast and, chances are, if you want to be on a specific block or street, so does somebody else. Taking some time to walk the area on nice days and eating at local restaurants and talk to residents will help find the perfect niche for you. That way, when you receive notice from your agent that a new listing has come up in your area, you are ready to make a move.

Happy Holidays!