Neighborhoods within Our Neighborhood – Ambleside

By Brad Litz

Real Estate Developer, Broker & Appraiser

Meridian-Kessler Resident

Its Spring!  Well, maybe not yet, but the day I am writing this it is a picturesque January day with the sun shining and people out and about.  This gets me ready for the cookouts, golf, bike riding and family walks that are just around the corner!  I hope that everyone had a pleasant holiday season and is as ready as I am for the thawing that is forthcoming.

I would like to continue my series on neighborhoods within Meridian-Kessler and this time would like to discuss my home turf, Ambleside.  Differing from my last article on Johnson’s Woods, Ambleside is an area many of us find ourselves in quite often as it is smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood.  The loose definition of the neighborhood is from the 5200 block to the 5500 block on Pennsylvania, Washington and Central, as well as all of the cross streets.

From research I have gathered that this is one of the more diverse neighborhoods, architecturally speaking.   My family lives in a more unique home, best described as an English Country Cottage, we are neighbored by a Tudor Revival to the south and a colonial (formerly a Dutch Colonial) to the north.  In fact, many styles that are predominant throughout the neighborhood in clusters can be found randomly throughout our enclave, but come together to form a richly detailed area.  No need to veer from the normal routes, just take a look as your stroll through the neighborhood and enjoy the difference each home creates.

There isn’t as much information on Ambleside out there as I had hoped.  This leaves me all the more curious to find out more history on my neighborhood.  If you have any information to pass along or some trinket from Ambleside, please feel free to drop me a line.

In the next issue I will regurgitate some numbers that analysts like to throw out there as “indicators” of the coming spring real estate market and see if I can make sense of it as it pertains to our abodes.  As always, feel free to call or write, I’m happy to discuss all things M-K and B-T.