2017 Remodeling Trends: 4 Ways to Transform Your Home

Is your house outdated? Are you wanting something new and vibrant in your home? While you might think your 1940s home doesn’t stand a chance next to HGTV, there’s a quick fix that could do the trick: remodeling. A simple color change or window fixture can bring a whole new feel to a room that you might not have thought was possible. Remodeling is more than adding an accent wall or rearranging furniture; it’s about re-imagining each space and how it can be utilized to match your vision. By adding matte finishes, wood surfaces, unique lighting and open-concept floor plans your home can quickly be transformed.

1.)  Matte Finishes:    Not so long ago, stainless steel appliances were all the rage because of its sleek, clean look and ability to match any kitchen decor. However, once homeowners started noticing fingerprints and smudges everywhere, they realized it made their kitchen look dirty. By adding matte finishes on appliances, walls and furniture pieces it allows the object to speak for itself. This easy remodeling trick can be a refreshing new take that pleases the eye.

2.)  Add More Wood:    Another rising trend is bringing the “outside” indoors. More homeowners are gravitating toward the “green effect” and want to be surrounded by natural features inside their homes. Bringing wood inside the home adds an earthy feel. Rather than adding an extra wooden dresser or desk, wood can be used to create a unique headboard for the bedroom or shelving for the office. Adding wooden beams to the ceiling also makes a compelling statement, it can help make the space seem bigger while giving an overall traditional look. Match the wood from the beams to cabinetry or an accent wall and you can tie the whole room together.

3.)  Unique Lighting Fixtures:   Adding unique lighting fixtures to ceilings can make even the smallest room seem big. Adding an eye-catching piece to the ceiling can help bring a room’s theme together. This option is great for people who are going for minimal changes with a huge impact. According to HGTV, a different lighting feature for every room is key to the perfect remodel. Not sure what option best suits your style? Look here for inspiration.

(Litz & Eaton Development Company renovation)

4.)  Open Kitchens:   Open kitchens are another trend we see in many of our new constructions and renovations. An open kitchen area is a great way to easily entertain, allowing guests to seamlessly walk from one room to the other. Open kitchens allow homeowners to be able to cook and interact simultaneously with people in the dining room or at the kitchen island. We recommend having a single wall full of appliances with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry to create a new open floor plan. Adding island seating also allows friends and family to connect without anything else getting in the way. Eliminating walls can help bring in natural light from other rooms in the house, making the kitchen feel even more open and bright.
If those options sound like too much construction, opting for a new paint job could be a better fit. A clean white or light grey color leaves room for homeowners to spice up the new look with accent-colored appliances, dishware and utensils.

(photo from 8192 Sycamore Road)

Litz Real Estate is happy to make any of the above remodeling changes with you. We can help you brainstorm new ideas and even refurbish old ones. Feel free to email any of our realtors or call us at 317-797-2745.